WPF is continuously improving

WPF Charts software is slowly gaining more popularity due to its effectiveness and spectacular results. Recently, SciChart (leader in the WPF Charts software market) has made a pretty bold step and transferred their SciChart Realtime WPF Chart software to mobile devices such as iOS and Android. Basically this has been a move that will come to aid the company’s growth across the next years but this also can be considered as excellent news for us, the users.
You can now create WPF Charts straight from your smartphone,  isn’t that something?
Looking at the not so distant future, WPF will continue to be the base of Charting software so don’t hurry to call WPF dead, become it’s far from it, actually we think that the exact opposite will happen and WPF will be a landmark in the Charting Software industry for the years to come.
New features are expected to be released soon that will come to reinforce the statement above, that WPF is here to stay. Amongst these it deservers mentioning the WPF Ternary Charts (something that a lot of developers were looking forward at), general improvements to ExportToFile and Chart Serialization and DiscontinuousDateTimeAxis for enhanced trading systems.
Also keep your eyes open for performance enhancements for the SciChart WPF 2D Charts and possible Radar/Pie or Smith Charts and possible DirectX update, which has a very high probability of happening if not in the following period, then in the next couple of years.