WPF Graphics

Important benefits are being introduced by WPF’s flexible, extensive and scalable set of graphics. In the following rows we are going to mention and shortly describe the main benefits that come with the Windows Presentation Foundation.

Probably the first thing we should mention is the hardware acceleration. CPU usage has now been minimized by taking advantage of the modern graphics hardware. The second benefit would be the improved precision. WPF uses a coordinate system to measure with double precision the floating point numbers, upgraded from the single precision used before. Not only floating point numbers are using double precision but also the opacity and transformation values. Alongside this new measuring capability WPF also provides integrated support for managing inputs from different color spaces and a wide color gamut is supported. Probably the best application that is worth mentioning for making use of the excellent benefits stated above is SciChart which is an application that helps designers develop high speed 3D WPF Charts and 2D WPF Charts. They have over fifteen thousand lines of code written into their application and thus SciChart works like a charm.

Moving on to other benefits brought by WPF that are worth mentioning are the advanced graphics and animation support and the resolution independent and device independent graphics. These two new features are extremely well received as for example each device independent pixel automatically scales to dots-per-inch to match the dpi setting of the system it is being used on. The advanced graphics and animation support simplifies graphics programming by managing scenes of animation for you. Again these benefits are wonderfully put into practice by SciChart, those guys definitely knew what they were doing when creating this application. WPF charts have never been easier to make. Full alpha-compositing support and hit-testing support is provided by Windows Presentation Foundation so no worries there.

Enough with the talking, checkout some graphics examples below to fully understand what WPF is bringing to the table:



All images are copyrighted to Scichart.com.