Windows Presentation Foundation has reached a maturity level

WPF is following something that can be considered its natural path, meaning it scratches the itch that the majority of developers had for some time. We are talking of course about the development effort that needs to be put now when working with Windows Presentation Foundation. Different versions of Silverlight WPF chart have brought significant improvements that have been appreciated by developers all across the globe, for instance the when WPF 4 introduced new controls that were moved from the toolkit and significant performance enhancements. The Ribbon was introduced in WPF 4.5 and other performance enhancements and so on.

The trend is clear – moving away from long development time required to an easier and faster way to work with WPF. All of these small changes and improvement that have been made over the last decade are a quantifiable proof that Windows Presentation Foundation is now mature and reliable. Developers will have fewer reasons to migrate to the platform and its popularity can only increase in the years to come.

WPF has now reached the phase of maintenance of its lifecycle so if you want to wait a little bit longer until you’ll learn how to use it because “something changes every day” there’s no reason to do so anymore. If you are keen on developing WPF Charts make sure you’ll use mature software as well and learn WPF tutorials and check-out the WPF libraries that SciChart has to offer. SciChart has been in the business from the beginning and the same as WPF, it is now a mature software with a support team that embodies strong knowledge that will help you get out of any quirky situation you might find yourself after playing around with SciChart and WPF charts a little bit.
Remember, the more mature a technology is the less development it needs so there’s no better time to start learning WPF and WPF Charts but it is recommended that you do so by following SciChart guidelines and tutorial that will enable you to learn faster and make use of all that great but so hard to find tricks and hidden capabilities.