Hi there! I’m a ASP.NET developer by day, aspiring musician by night, and a full time blogger by weekend, writing about modern WPF charts. I live in a nice part of Cumbria, have a great dog named Woofy, and I like piña coladas, for real.

Just read about WPF and have fun!

If you are interested in what’s new about the Windows Presentation Foundation one of your information sources could be WPFcharts. Being a blog specialized in analyzing the WPF charts you can be sure you will find updates and novelty about the windows charts and their applicability. By offering better user experiences through a better interface the WPF charts can improve productivity, increase sales on a Web site and many more which is why one of the best information channels is WPFcharts, a blog that helps you better understand the use of the windows charts. 

Whether you need an introduction to the Windows presentation Foundation, more information on the application of these charts or even better insight on their programming, WPFcharts is a user friendly and accessible blog which addresses all of your above mentioned questions.